Creative Direction


Crative Direction


Vildfang specializes in providing personal and individual design solutions. We view our clients as a whole and take pride in conducting a thorough research and analysis to define the right path and direction for every project we do.

We are design professionals. Our experience and educational background in interior design, product design and furniture design, ensures that our clients receive qualified advice. We know what it involves to process an idea into a result and how important it is to understand what it is our clients want to achieve. Our design solutions are distinct and tailored with the intent to give our clients that particular edge, distinguishing them from the competition.


Vildfang has vast experience in styling photo shoots for digital and printed magazines. We make sure you get the pictures with the wow-effect that will be reposted or cut out and pinned to the wall!

We create pictures that make the viewer stop and look twice. Adding that extra dimension is what brings the story to life, whether it be by creating the scenery, styling or working with the posture of those in the frame. We are committed to promoting the best qualities our clients have to offer, and we work devotedly to achieve it. Our relentless attention to detail and constant focus on the storyline, are key when we conduct photo shoots. We can honestly say that we give it our all to ensure that sparkle of perfection that makes all the difference.